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Top JMP add-ins of 2015

It's nearly the end of the year, and we are taking a look at the activity in the JMP User Community. Last time, I shared the top content among Discussions posts. Today, we have list of the most popular JMP add-ins, courtesy of community manager Stan Koprowski.


Never used a JMP add-in? An add-in extends JMP by adding new features, functions and applications. It's a JSL script that you can run from the JMP Add-Ins menu. You can share the add-in with other JMP users, and that's what we are looking at here -- those add-ins shared in the File Exchange in the User Community.

The most popular JMP add-ins, in order of number of downloads, are below. Maybe you will find that you need some of these!

Top 10 Most-Downloaded Add-Ins

  1. Full Factorial Repeated Measures ANOVA Add-In
  2. Statistical Dot Plots for JMP 10
  3. Venn Diagram
  4. Custom Map Creator
  5. Interactive Binning (V2)
  6. Text to Columns, Version 2
  7. Capability animation: standard deviation impact
  8. HTML5 Auto-Publishing
  9. Anderson-Darling Normality Test
  10. Method Comparison
  11. While all of these add-ins were submitted by my current or former co-workers, I wanted to give some attention to the top add-ins submitted by those outside our company. A special thanks to you for contributing these add-ins to the User Community!

    Top 10 Most-Downloaded Add-Ins by Non-Employees

    1. Add-In: Spatial Data Analysis
    2. JMP Addins for Frequency Analysis and Dual Seasonality Time Series Analysis
    3. ROC-Curve & partial Area Under the Curve Analysis
    4. Model Diagnostics and Transformations
    5. Scoping Design DoE JMP Add-In
    6. Window Manager
    7. Add-In to Explore the Implications of Measurement System Quality (ICC or Intra Class Correlation) an...
    8. Icon Names Addin
    9. Univariate Binning using the Normal Mixtures Distribution
    10. Capability Analysis JMP Add-In
    11. I look forward to seeing what new add-ins the JMP users share in 2016!

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      Level II

      Good Day Arati Mejdal,

      I need someone to help me on how to use Add Ins. I am a new JMP User. I have JMP 11. I would like to use JMP add in. But I don't know how to start and what to do. I need to do Anderson Darling Test for normality and many more.  All I know is there is a JMP Add Ins option avaviable under View. But When I click on it I get the below messsage says:

      Registered Add-Ins:

      Contact JMP Technical Support

      Below this I have given info on ID, Home Folder, version, a button for Unregister and a website for finding more add-ins at: AND in the end a OK button.


      I contacted JMP Tech Support but they mentioned I have registered, I have to go file exchange ...etc I don't get it. Pls help


      Community Manager



      I'm sorry that you're having difficulty. I saw that you posted in this post also. I'll repeat some of my reply from there here as well.


      You can find Add-Ins for JMP in the Add-Ins section of the File Exchange.


      There is an add-in for the Anderson-Darling Normality Test.


      You'll find a link to download the .jmpaddin file at the top of that post.


      After downloading, when you double click on the .jmpaddin JMP should open and prompt you to ask if you want to install the add-in.


      Parallels DesktopScreenSnapz019.png


      After you install it you'll find the menu option in your Add-Ins menu.


      Parallels DesktopScreenSnapz020.png