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Top 5 posts about JMP 10

JMP 10 was released about four months ago, and our bloggers have told you about it in a multitude of posts. Which posts appealed the most to readers? I took a look back and picked out the top five posts about JMP 10 based on the number of views, comments, tweets, likes and +1’s.

1. Introducing JMP Graph Builder for iPadBecause of the growing demand for and interest in mobile technology -- smart phones and tablet devices -- JMP decided a year and a half ago to develop Graph Builder for the iPad. In this post, developer Michael Hecht introduces this new app and its interactive features. Download it from the App Store and start building graphs on the go today.

2. Ten great things about JMP 10Exploring JMP 10 before the launch, Dan Valente gives 10 reasons to go 10! In this post, Dan explains some of the latest and greatest features of JMP 10, including Control Chart Builder, Measurement Systems Analysis and an improved Custom Designer.

3. Kentucky Derby: Secretariat was the best of the bestIn this blog post, Lou Valente (yes, the father of Dan Valente) uses Control Chart Builder, which is new in JMP 10, to analyze data about the Triple Crown of horse racing — the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes. He analyzes the winning times for each of the races from 1940 to 2011 and finds that Secretariat, winner of the Triple Crown in 1973, is truly "a special athlete."

4. Discover more with JMP 10.  John Sall, the creator of JMP and leader of the JMP development team, shares his take on JMP 10 on the day of the its launch. He highlights four areas of focus in developing JMP 10: the drag-and-drop Graph Builder, expert-driven design, performance and application development.

5. New in JMP 10 DOE: Individual Run Replication. In a series of blog posts, Bradley Jones explains the new features for design of experiments in this latest version of the software. In this particular post, Bradley talks about individual run replication, which provides more flexibility in the specification of your design.

Check out these blog posts and see if they are as engaging and useful to you as they have been for other readers -- and let us know what you think in a comment. If you don't have JMP 10, you can try it free for 30 days!

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