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Top 5 Discovery Summit paper picks by SEs

Some mornings over coffee or tea, my husband asks me what I’ll be doing that day. I like this exercise because it helps me get mentally prepared for the various meetings and projects that await me in the office. Usually, I only make it to my 10:30 appointment before he bores of my calendar entries and moves on to the next topic. That either says a lot about my meetings or about his inability to focus before a second cup of coffee….I opt to believe it’s him and not my calendar.

But this morning was different. I told him I’d be spending my day working on Discovery Summit 2015, answering questions from Steering Committee members, telling our R&D leaders about this year’s conference facility, and working with our Systems Engineers (SE) to make sure there was at least one at every paper presentation. Bingo – I had Greg’s full attention.

Here’s why: Every year, we ask an SE to hang out in each of the rooms where papers are presented to ensure that any hiccups are addressed quickly. SEs are the natural choice for this assignment this because they are always brilliant and always curious. This is a win-win for all: Paper presentations run smoothly and the SE is guaranteed a seat in the room.

I start the process by asking which papers they’d most like to see, and then make room assignments by preference. One of the best things about this process is that I learn which papers pique the curiosity of our SEs – remember, they’re brilliant and curious people. My husband – always curious and, at times, brilliant – wanted to know which papers were most requested. While each and every paper had at least one SE request, these five were the most popular:

  1. Developing a Nondestructive Test Gauge Using the JMP Discriminant Analysis Platform
  2. By Jason Robbins, Process Engineer, US Synthetic

  3. An Interactive JMP Environment for Control Group Selection and Visualizing Impact From Promotional Uplift Experiments
  4. By Brian Eastwood, Market Analyst, Nu Skin Enterprises; John Salmon, PhD, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University

  5. Transforming Consumer Surveys into Consumer Insight Using JMP 12
  6. By Mike Creed, Consumer Modeling Expert, Procter & Gamble; Diane Farris, Consumer Modeling Leader, Procter & Gamble

  7. Bias Adjustment in Data Mining
  8. By Stanley Young, PhD, CEO, CGStat; Bob Obenchain, PhD, Principal Consultant, Risk Benefit Statistics

  9. Truth and Lies: Consumer Perception vs. Data
  10. By Rosario Murguia, Consumer and Product Research Manager, Procter & Gamble; Diana Ballard, Senior Consulting Statistician, Predictum Inc.; Michael E. Haslam, PhD, Vice President of Application Development, Predictum Inc.

    Now that you’re thinking about a few of the awesome breakout options you’ll have at Discovery Summit this year, you can begin planning which papers you want to see. And you’ll know that each and every talk will run smoothly because there will always be an SE on call, usually standing in the back of the room, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.

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