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Top 10 posts of 2014

It's time to revisit the top blog posts of last year. Quite a few of the top posts were about using JMP to analyze and visualize data relating to real-world questions: How am I doing with my diet and fitness? What kinds of music and which artists dominate my Apple® iTunes library? What's the best method for hard-cooking eggs that are also easy to peel? Maybe you missed these and other popular posts last year while you were on vacation or too busy to read blogs, and maybe you'll find something useful now.

The top post was a collection of quotes about teaching statistics with JMP -- in the academic world as well as the corporate world. This post also generated lots of discussion in comments.

The second most popular post was part of an effort by our data visualization expert to reduce the number of pie charts in the world. He cleverly used Pi Day (3/14) as the day to debut his campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if #OneLessPie makes a reappearance this year on Pi Day.

Also making the list was a post about interactive HTML in JMP 11. There's lots more information about interactive HTML to come this year as part of our blogging about JMP 12. (In fact, we've already started our Coming in JMP 12 blog series, in which the very people who create the software give you a look at what's in the new version. And once the new version is out in March, those same developers will show you how to use the new features and capabilities.)

Without further ado, here are the top 10 posts of the previous year, as determined by pageviews in WordPress:

  1. Fun and effective: Teaching statistics with JMP by Anne Milley
  2. #OneLessPie chart on Pi Day by Xan Gregg
  3. Why spreadsheets can lead to error - part 1 by Charles Pirrello
  4. An eggciting designed eggsperiment by Ryan Lekivetz
  5. Determining chemical concentration with standard addition: An application of linear regression in JM... by Eric Cai
  6. How it works: Interactive HTML in JMP 11 by Heman Robinson
  7. The eggciting results of my designed eggsperiment by Ryan Lekivetz
  8. Digging into my diet and fitness data by Shannon Conners
  9. Music library visualizations by Louis Valente
  10. JMP Pro for linear mixed models - part 1 by Jian Cao
  11. Our readers love technical content. We can definitely see that reflected in this list. You can look forward to plenty of technical blog posts in 2015. Thanks for reading!

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