Our World Statistics Day conversations have been a great reminder of how much statistics can inform our lives. Do you have an example of how statistics has made a difference in your life? Share your story with the Community!
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Top 10 posts of 2013

Last year was a big year for this blog. We had monthly posts about influential statisticians as part of our celebration of the first-ever International Year of Statistics. We gave previews of  JMP 11 and, once the software was released, showed you how to make use of the new features in JMP 11 -- and we will continue to do the latter this year. We also were treated to a series of posts on Big Statistics by John Sall, who is SAS co-founder and Executive Vice President -- as well as the chief architect of JMP.

What were the most popular blog posts of 2013 about? Statistics was the big theme. Many of the most popular posts were part of our influential statisticians series, but the biggest draw was a post remembering George E.P. Box, who died last year.

Here are the top 10 posts (in total views through Dec. 31, 2013):

  1. George Box: A remembrance by Bradley Jones
  2. A year for statistics by Richard Zink
  3. Celebrating statisticians: Ronald A. Fisher by Arati Mejdal
  4. "The desktop computer is dead" and other myths by John Sall
  5. Image analysis of an elephant's foot by John Ponte
  6. Celebrating statisticians: Florence Nightingale by Laura Lancaster
  7. Celebrating statisticians: J. Stuart Hunter by Mark Bailey
  8. Why statistics is essential by John Sall
  9. Celebrating statisticians: John W. Tukey by Curt Hinrichs
  10. Statistics: The language of science by Anne Milley
  11. Thanks for reading!

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