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Feb 27, 2013

Timken Taps Human Capital Stateside (And When They Use That Capital to Reduce Scrap, the Environment Benefits, Too)

There's a lot of talk about the strategic (and financial) importance of retaining and developing design and knowledge skills in the US. Management at Timken goes one step better - they put talk into action. I recently learned how they used JMP to figure out how to eliminate a defect for one of their highest volume thrust bearings. Goes without saying that with a 100-year history of customer satisfaction they didn't ship the defective parts, but 100% inspection and scrapping the defective parts would be costly and wasteful.

Defect Rate Drops to Close to 0%, Saving $60K (Click to view as a PDF)

Tom Putnam talks about how Timken did it at the JMP User Conference. Lean Six Sigma, MSA, Quality Improvement, DOE. Get the skinny at the conference or come back at the end of the month for his podcast. In the meantime, Tom shared the results of Timken's work with me.

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