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This JMP gem sparkles for teaching and learning statistics

One of the hidden pedagogical jewels in JMP is the Sample Data Directory found at Help > Sample Data.

Users new to JMP or those who need some help setting up a certain type of analysis will find the Sample Data Directory really helpful. I use it nearly every time I show JMP, and I know that our academic customers who teach statistics have found this resource a valuable tool in the classroom. In JMP 9, several enhancements to the Sample Data Directory have been made to further extend the utility of this gem.

The Sample Data Directory contains nearly 400 data tables, including those used throughout the documentation for JMP (Help > Books).

These data tables are categorized by statistical method area as well as area of application; so you can usually find an example data set to illustrate a concept or provide a model for a problem you may be working on. This is also useful when you need to get an idea of how your data needs to be structured for a given type of analysis.

Data tables within each general method area contain a label indicating some specific statistical tools that are appropriate for that data.

Once opened, the data table contains a JMP script that will generate the specific results indicated in the label. This is especially nice when you are interested in seeing the output or advanced options associated with that specific statistical tool.

Several enhancements in JMP 9 are worth noting:

A direct link to the Sample Scripts Folder allows you to quickly access the sample JMP scripts such as SAS add-ins.

Examples for Teaching are JMP data tables with saved scripts that can be used to illustrate various statistical methods and business visualizations. Several new files have been added to JMP 9.

Teaching Demonstrations are applet-like demos of key statistical concepts from p-value to confidence intervals to least squares. They convey the underlying concepts in visual and interactive ways — very useful for teaching introductory statistics!

The new Simulations button links to a collection of JMP tables that you can use to generate and compare probability distributions, or to simulate the data to demonstrate the Law of Large Numbers or the Central Limit Theorem — the two theorems so important to many statistical methods.

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Hi, Do you know if it is possible to add the connecting letters of Tukey test in the graph?