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The Pursuit of Both Environmental and Business Interests

This Earth Day, I am recommending that friends and family read a new business book: Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World by Gary Hirshberg, who calls himself the "CE-Yo" of Stonyfield Farm, which makes delicious yogurt.

In addition to being well-written with lots of great examples, the book makes many excellent points worth pondering today -- Earth Day -- and every business day.

Here's one of my favorite quotes about the role of business in addressing environmental challenges: "Business is the most powerful force on the planet; it got us into this mess and is the only force strong enough to get us out," Hirshberg writes.

He argues convincingly that the solutions to our environmental problems will not be effective unless they are part of profit-making activities. Furthermore, based on his 25 years of experience leading Stonyfield Farm and three decades of observing other companies, Hirshberg promises that sustainable practices are actually more profitable than traditional business practices.

Hirshberg marvels at (and tries to emulate at his company) "nature's ability to waste nothing by reusing everything in closed, self-sustaining systems." That description reminded me of some JMP customers who are using the software to improve their own systems, boost recycling and reduce waste.

Take a look at our new "green" analytics page to read about the efforts of these businesses -- such as Dow, Novozymes and Kodak -- and conservation organizations -- such as The Nature Conservancy, Chicago Botanic Garden and the Whale Conservation Institute. If you request our package of stories on these JMP customers, you’ll also receive a special “green” gift.

Happy Earth Day!

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