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The People Behind JMP Software: Nicole Jones

This interview is part of a series of Q&As with the JMP team. Earlier interviews have been with Xan Gregg, Chung-Wei Ng and Laura Lancaster and Bob Hickey and John Sall and Melanie Drake and Duane Hayes.

Head and shoulders photo of Nicole Jones of JMPNicole Jones manages the testing team at JMP. She has been at JMP for 14 years. When she was a graduate student at North Carolina State University, she saw a job announcement seeking someone to test JMP software. At that time, she had never heard of JMP, but after researching the product, she became interested in it. "I was intrigued by the point-and-click interface and the philosophy of having a graph to go along with the statistics. I began the job application process right away. I just had to learn more about this product," Nicole says.

Arati: What do you like most about JMP?

Nicole: It is a tool that can be used by everyone. I’m amazed to hear about all of the interesting ways our customers are using JMP to improve their products, processes or make new discoveries. It’s also, nice to hear that our customers are taking JMP home – parents are sharing JMP with their children. I’ve gotten a few bug reports from an elementary student using JMP for schoolwork.

Arati: Do you use JMP in your job or for personal projects? If so, how?

Nicole: Yes, whether testing the installers or the software itself, the quality assurance team uses JMP to validate JMP -- an automated suite of tests were written in JSL and is run daily. In the screenshot below, you see JMP output and SAS output. SAS is often used to create benchmarks for comparing JMP results.

Screenshot of JMP output and SAS output

Arati: What’s most exciting to you as a tester?

Nicole: I am most excited about the new imaging features that have been added to JMP. With the addition of these features, the testing team now has the ability to investigate differences between actual and expected images using JMP Scripting Language rather than using a third-party tool.

Arati: What do you like to do in your free time?

Nicole: Free time? What’s free time? :-) When I’m not at work, I’m spending time with my husband as we investigate how to bottle and sell our children’s excess energy. Sounds like a problem JMP can solve!

Arati: What books are you reading right now?

Nicole: I have been reading lots of Dr. Suess books!

Arati: Do you have any favorite programming languages, algorithms, formulas, theorems or software tools?

Nicole: My favorite software tool is JMP.

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