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The Buzz About JMP, Discovery and Innovators' Summit

While at Discovery 2009 and Innovators' Summit in Chicago last week, John Sall, chief architect of JMP, spread the word about JMP, SAS and the value of analytics. He met with journalists and bloggers, and some of the coverage has already been published online. Take a look:

  • In a story for Computerworld, reporter Eric Lai asked Sall why JMP chose best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell to headline the Chicago conferences. "Journalists are like detectives. A lot of our customers are like that," said Sall, who is co-founder and Executive Vice President of SAS. "They don't just want to prove things you already know. That's lawyer stuff. They want to look at statistical outliers and figure out new things."

  • Greg Burns, Senior Business Correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, talked with both Sall and Gladwell during the conferences. He wrote up his interview with Sall in two parts, posting it Tuesday and Wednesday this week. It is part of what Burns is calling Big Brain Week, with Sall representing left-brain thinking and Gladwell representing right-brain thinking. Burns' interview with Gladwell appears in two parts today and tomorrow.

  • Data visualization guru Stephen Few, Principal of Perceptual Edge, wrote about the conferences and Gladwell's keynote speech in his influential blog, Visual Business Intelligence. Few applauded Gladwell's insight that modern problems present the challenges of too much information and too little understanding of that data, pointing to a need for good analytics. "More directly related to my work in BI, I’ve stated countless times that this industry has done a wonderful job of giving us technologies for collecting and storing enormous quantities of data, but has largely failed to provide the data sense-making tools that are needed to put data to use for decision-making," Few writes.

  • From what I understand, there's more coverage to come. Please let me know if you've written or know of a blog post or other online content about the conferences.

    And if you didn't get to go to Chicago last week for Discovery and the Innovators' Summit, you can get a sense of why some attendees said it was the best conference they'd ever been to by checking out our own coverage; it includes photos, live blogs, audio, video and Twitter updates.

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