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Jul 2, 2014

Taking a DIVE at Duke

Would you walk off a bridge to better understand the nature of visualization? I did: yesterday at Duke University’s DIVE, thanks to Rachael Brady, director of the Virtualization Technology Group.

In this six-sided virtual reality theater, two of my colleagues and I were treated to an experience for the senses. The bridge we plummeted from was a virtual one, of course, but the sensation of falling was quite real. Real, too, was the feeling of annoyance in the virtual kitchen designed to see how long subjects would put up with this anything-but-cozy kitchen. Given more time, I might set the record for tolerance in that test– the kitchen made me feel at home. It was just missing a dog to fall over. But that’s for another psychological experiment another day.

We also got to interact with a 3-D arc and node model of patent applications from Xerox PARC. Picture a model where the people were represented by one color, the corporations another, and the patents themselves another. And you could see how each related to the others. Cool, yes? Cooler yet was that we could select any person, place or patent for more information. Grab it, pull it out, move it around…

The more you played, the more you learned about the connections within the data.

Sound familiar? It should. That’s what you’re doing with JMP. Only you don’t get to wear the cool glasses and hold the funky controller. Not yet, anyway. I’ll have to ask the developers if they can make that happen for JMP 9. ;-)

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