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Take the JMP Add-In challenge

Many companies have developed custom applications using JSL (JMP Scripting Language). These applications put the rich analytic capability and dynamic interactive graphics of JMP into the hands of hundreds of analysts who make critical decisions.

But, JSL can also be used to extend JMP more generally by adding new features for data manipulation or cleanup.

Using JSL in this way is handy for all JMP users. You see, while we have a very talented team of developers, there are always requests that they just don't have time to get to.

Fortunately, with JSL, the JMP user community can add new features to JMP for themselves and each other. To that end, I've got a challenge for all you JSL developers out there.

The challenge

We recently got a request for an option to cause the re-evaluation of the formulas for one or more columns. This can be useful if the columns have a stochastic result (for example by using one of the random number generators) and you want to get a new value.

Now, there is a way to force the re-evaluation of a column formula, but you have to open the formula editor for each column and click the "Apply" button. If you want to do this for lots of columns, that's a bit tedious.

However, with JSL, you can send the "Eval Formula" message to a column and avoid the Formula Editor all together. What's missing is a simple user interface to select a column or columns with formulas and then send this message to them.

So, my challenge to you is to create a JMP Add-in that lets a user select one or more formula-based columns and re-runs the formulas in them.

To respond to this challenge, create your add-in and send it to me via email to Jeff.Perkinson@jmp.com. Use the subject line “JMP Add-In Challenge.”

I'll assemble a crack team of judges here, and we'll pick the top1 few to post to the JMP File Exchange. Then we'll let the JMP user community vote on them using the rating system.

The winner will get a fabulous JMP logo item – plus the glory of having your add-in featured on the JMP Add-Ins page.

So, if you already know JSL, get coding. If you don't know JSL, this is a nice well-defined task that would make a great first programming project. Either way, send me your add-in by Sept. 30.

I'm looking forward to your entries!



1Judging will be based on originality, efficiency and how well the add-in meets (or exceeds!) the requirements.

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