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So, you like hearing from our developers

Last year, you heard from many people in JMP Development here in this blog. And it turns out you liked that best! Almost all of the top 10 posts of 2015 were written by R&D folks, and that's not a surprise. Our developers have tons of useful information and examples, and they are passionate about their work and exploring data.

The subjects of the top posts were varied. They included a timely contribution to a pop-culture conversation, the remaking of a graph about the impact of vaccination, analyses and visualizations of diet and fitness data (three on this topic!), a statistical model of a star basketball player's performance -- as well as details about a couple of new features in JMP 12, which was released last March.

Without further ado, here's what you, our readers, liked best in 2015 as determined by numbers of views:

  1. What color is The Dress? JMP can tell you!
  2. Remember the frenzy over The Dress? (Is it blue and black, or white and gold?) John Ponte presented a calm approach to the question using the Image Analyzer, which you can download for yourself.

  3. AMA Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum is next week!
  4. The ART Forum is a conference that brings together marketing academics and applied researchers. Melinda Thielbar told us about the meeting, as I'm sure she will do again this year, since she has now become its chair. Congrats, Melinda!

  5. Why are some dogs adopted faster than others?
  6. A rising sixth-grader explored patterns in dog adoption. It was a fun story that I got to write.

  7. Graph makeover: Measles heat map
  8. Xan Gregg got data on measles in the 20th century, used JMP to recreate a graph published in The Wall Street Journal and offered his own version.

  9. Interactive HTML Bubble Plot platform in JMP 12
  10. Dynamic, animated bubble plots that you can share with anyone are a user fave. John Powell showed lots of cool examples of this new feature in JMP 12, and shared videos and a detailed guide for interacting with bubble plots in a browser.

  11. Reflections on my ongoing diet and fitness project
  12. Analyzing food log data and activity measurements presents challenges and limitations, and Shannon Conners explained what she had learned about these issues and what works best for her for weight loss.

  13. Cleaning up and visualizing my food log data with JMP 12
  14. In this one, Shannon used Recode to group the different kinds of chocolate (among other things) in her food log data and showed a treemap that revealed her changing relationship to bread.

  15. Using my muscle map as a selection filter for workout data
  16. Yes, it's Shannon again! Here, she used a custom muscle map to quickly view her weight workouts over time and see such things as total weight lifted and muscles targeted.

  17. Did LeBron James step up his game in the playoffs?
  18. Clay Barker modeled LeBron James' points, rebounds and assists to show how special the basketball star's performance in the NBA finals and playoffs was.

  19. Coming in JMP 12: Overhauled Recode for easier data cleaning
  20. James Preiss gave a peek at the major changes that he worked on in Recode -- before he left for grad school. We miss you, James!

    Thanks for reading in 2015! You can look forward to more posts by our amazing developers again this year. And feel free to let me know what you're particularly interested in knowing about JMP.

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