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Six little things I like in JMP 11

JMP 11 and JMP Pro, Version 11, are full of lots of big new features, like:

  • The Response Screening platform that gives you confidence to examine hundreds or thousands of responses at once.
  • An Excel import Wizard that turns complex Excel tables into data ready to be analyzed in JMP.
  • The Reliability Block diagram to assess the reliability of complex systems.
  • Exporting interactive HTML to share dynamic results in a Web browser.
  • But here are some enhancements that make JMP  better in small but significant ways.

    Columns Viewer

    The Columns Viewer turns columns into first-class citizens with the same kind of interactivity we've always enjoyed with rows.

    For example, the Show Summary option will give me a report table with summary statistics for the selected columns. I can then select the columns in that report table, and they are selected back in the data table.

    There's also a Data Table View of the summary statistics that is linked back to the report and the original data table.

    Code Folding in JSL Script Editor

    The Script Editor in JMP 11 can collapse and expand blocks of code to make long scripts easier to read. By default Expr() and Function() blocks can be folded, but other keywords can be added, making this a very flexible option.

    Enhanced hover-label for points

    When you hover over a point in a scatterplot in JMP 11, the hover-label is more informative; it shows the values of any label columns, as well as the values being plotted.

    These tooltips can even be "pinned" to the graph and used as a label for the point.

    Labels for Bars in Graph Builder

    We've long wished for labels on bar charts in Graph Builder, and JMP 11 delivers them.

    Aligned tick marks for dual axis graphs

    While we're talking about Graph Builder, graphs with both a left and right axis look better in JMP 11 because you can align the tick marks to make grid lines that match left-to-right.

    Hide and Exclude in one step

    If you've found yourself making multiple trips to the menu to both hide and exclude rows, JMP 11 makes this a one-step process with the "Hide and Exclude" choice as the first one in the Rows menu. This could cut your work by 50% if this is something you do a lot.

    As I said, these are small but useful improvements in JMP 11, and there are many more than the ones I mentioned here. We'll look forward to hearing from you as you find others starting in September, when JMP 11 is released.

    Note: This post is part of series of previews of JMP 11 by JMP R&D members and technical experts. The JMP Blog will feature new previews every Tuesday until JMP 11 is released in September. Check out all of the JMP 11 previews.

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    1 Comment

    Ann Lehman wrote:

    Great, Jeff. What a helpful way to keep everybody current on whats coming when there are have been so many talented and productive developers at work on JMP 11.

    Ann Lehman