Our World Statistics Day conversations have been a great reminder of how much statistics can inform our lives. Do you have an example of how statistics has made a difference in your life? Share your story with the Community!
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Share Your JMP Stories (or Videos) as JMP Turns 20

The curious vintage junkie in me borrowed the 20-year-old JMP box that John Sall holds up in his 20th anniversary video.

The description of JMP on the back cover was a surprise. Why? That description still applies today, 20 years later:

• Classical statistics combined with today’s most interactive graphics.

• Data analysis with a visual difference for viewing among groups.

• One powerful platform.

• Multidimensional data views that make it easy to identify outliers.

• Designed for immediate productivity – no programs to write.

• Yours from SAS – the respected name in data analysis software.

True, the number of platforms, plots and analyses offered in JMP has grown to include Tabulate, Bubble Plots, a drag-and-drop Graph Builder, new reliability tools and more. And for nigh on 10 years, JMP has offered cutting-edge design of experiments approaches, both custom and textbook. JMP now runs on Windows and Linux in addition to Mac, and with every release JMP integrates better and more seamlessly with SAS.

JMP Folder

Like anything vintage, JMP has touched and been touched by a host of people with stories to tell.

I invite you to share some of your stories about JMP. How has it helped you in your job? What ideas have you shared with us that are now built into JMP? What has held up over the years? What has made you smile or say, “aha”?

Feel free to post a comment here. You can also tweet your comment using the Twitter tag #JMP20.

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camera accessories wrote:

Although the number of platforms, plots and analysis offered by JMP has expanded to include tables, bubble plots, a drag and drop Chart Builder, the reliability of new tools and more. And nearly 10 years, JMP has offered cutting-edge design approaches experiences, both personal and textbooks. JMP now works on Windows and Linux in addition to Mac, and with each new release incorporates JMP better and more seamlessly with the SAS.




Oliver Yu wrote:

I was formerly working at a large biotech company where my job was to find main effects and interactions that correlates with higher batch yields.

While I was there, I had need to purchase a digital camera, but did not have the time, nor was interested in researching what made a digital camera a "good buy."

So I went to the Consumer Reports website, grabbed data on megapixel, weight, battery life, size... etc. of these digital cameras and within minutes, had correlated these factors with price.

Visually, everything above the y=x line was "overpriced", everything under the line was "underpriced" relative to the features. I had before me a statistical model of how to determine a "good deal."

In the end, Amazon sent out a flyer on dropping the price of a 4.1 MP camera (biggest at the time). I purchased the camera within minutes of the flyer and it took about 1.5 years for other cameras to get to 4.1 MP.

Who ever though JMP was awesome for making fast decisions in my personal life?