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Jul 2, 2014

Seeking the Divock Origis of desktop discoveries

US_soccer_fanThis is an awkward time to write a pro-Brussels piece. The soccer player of my house (right) is quite upset, pacing around, trying to get over the heartbreaking, nail-biting World Cup loss that ended with the USA down one goal to Belgium’s two – and all of those goals scored in extra time.

But now it’s time to put that loss aside to focus on an upcoming win. That win would be Discovery Summit Brussels. That’s right. The Discovery Summit you’ve grown to love in the US will have its European debut in March 2015. Provocative plenary talks, in-depth paper presentations, beautiful posters and built-in networking opportunities – this Discovery will have all that and more.

I’m writing this now because the call for papers is open. Will the Kevin De Bruynes of data visualization, the Vincent Kompanys of statistical analysis and the Divock Origis of desktop discoveries please come forward? Take a shot at getting your paper or poster accepted. You’d be among the analytic movers and shakers of Europe and of the wider JMP world.

Here are all the details.

I’m looking forward to meeting the JMP champions at Discovery Summit Brussels!

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