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Seeking natural scientists

One of my favorite things about living in Raleigh is that we have some big-impact museums for a medium-size city. And my favorite one, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, is about to get about twice as big.

Last week, I received a “hard hat” tour of the new wing, the Nature Research Center, which is scheduled to open to the public, appropriately enough, around Earth Day.

I left that tour determined to host a Discovery Summit function in this space in September 2012. And I left inspired to seek out scientists who use JMP for the study of natural sciences to showcase at the annual conference.

I want to know who’s using JMP to better understand our world through astronomy, biology, chemistry, oceanography, physics, materials science, earth science, atmospheric science … you get the picture. I want to meet folks who use JMP and work for NASA, NOAA, USGS…whatever acronym might fit in well with the mission of the museum. If that’s you, let me know by sending an email to diana dot levey at jmp dot com -- or leave a comment below.

What, exactly, will we do with you after we meet you? I don’t know exactly, but we’ll figure out a way to help tell your story if you’re interested. If nothing else, I can give you a tour of a very cool museum.

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