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SAS Global Forum Opening Session

You'd think that in 18 years of employment at SAS I'd have been to SAS Global Forum (nee SUGI) more than twice, but you'd be wrong. I'm a second-timer this year. My first SUGI was also in Orlando at the Dolphin, so as far as I'm concerned, this is the only place they ever have them.

There were lots of highlights in the opening session, but here are a few that stuck out.

  • SAS CEO Dr. Jim Goodnight highlighted SAS Visual BI, powered by JMP 7. It was the first product mentioned by name in his remarks. JMP and SAS can provide so much benefit to our customers when used together. We're excited that JMP is a part of the broad and deep family of software that is SAS BI.

  • Guy Kawasaki, author of many books and a blog that I enjoy, spoke on The Art of Innovation. He used the story of ice harvesters and the ice factories (his #8 Hindsight) to illustrate the danger in staying on a single technology curve. I wish that he'd had more than seven minutes; he's a great storyteller.

  • John Kerr, Global Quality Director at Whirlpool, gave JMP its second mention of the night. When Dr. Goodnight asked about Whirlpool’s history with SAS, John was proud to say that it started over 10 years ago with JMP and now has progressed up to the SAS Warranty Analysis solution. This is a great example of how JMP can be a foothold that grows into strategic account for SAS.

  • sasCommunity.org looks like it's going to be a great place for SAS users to share the knowledge collected over the last 30+ years. I wonder who'll create the JMP page?

  • G-Force was part of the closing entertainment. Pretty amazing. Maybe, at the booth tomorrow, John Sall, John Weisz, John Leary and I will try that human jump rope thing they did. Seems fitting. Maybe we'll call it a human JMP rope, though.

  • Scott Adams (author of another excellent blog) is speaking tomorrow. Something to look forward to.

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