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Rocket science where you may not expect it

TomLangeFluid dynamics of peanut butter, biomechanics of diapers, aerodynamics of packaging potato chips, precision engineering to produce and perfectly perforate paper towels — rocket science is applicable to the manufacturing of these and many other products in ways that may surprise you.

Achieving desired product attributes can be challenging, especially when some of those traits would seem at odds with each other. Materials need to be strong but also soft, flexible but not breakable, breathable but containable, easy-to-open but not prone to leak, etc.

Tom Lange, a 37-year veteran of Procter & Gamble, will be the guest on Analytically Speaking on Oct. 14. As founder of the modeling and simulation group at Procter & Gamble, from which he recently retired, he has many amazing stories to tell about the relevance of rocket science to everyday products. His passion for problem-solving led to the formation of his consultancy, Technology Optimization & Management, LLC, where he's been busy with new applications of rocket science in unexpected places.

Need more reasons to join us? Tom knows a lot about how to create and sustain a culture where data analysis is an integral part of the daily workflow. Tom is both technical in his knowledge of applied modeling and simulation, as well as strategic in leveraging those applications for maximum impact.

To hear about Tom’s scientific approach to solving problems, please join us for the live webcast or watch the archived version later.

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