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Risk analysis with JMP: home equity case study

Systems engineer Mary Loveless and I have been barraged with requests to repeat her May 26 live Mastering JMP webcast on risk analysis. Rather than wait until schedules and advertising for a new webcast converge, I divided her demo into three sections for you to watch whenever you want.

In this financial services case study, Mary uses JMP to analyze data about home equity loans and applicants to determine loan default patterns so that lenders can give loans that will have a high repayment rate.

Want to start using JMP for risk analysis? Consider starting with Mary's home equity data and scripts, available from the JMP File Exchange. The JMP table includes more than 20 characteristics of close to 6,000 loan applicants plus scripts that use JMP Distribution, Data Filter, Graph Builder, Partition, Fit Model and Bubble Plot. Let me know what you think of these resources.

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