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Review Praises Marriage of JMP and SAS in JMP Genomics

Scientific Computing has published a review of JMP Genomics 3.2 by statistician John Wass titled "The Magic of Genomics." Wass also evaluated an early version of JMP Genomics in 2006.

JMP Genomics has evolved fast and come a long way since those early days, and Wass’ review recognizes that – along with the fact that genomics software in general is highly complex. Wass notes that JMP Genomics 3.2 “now is no more cumbersome than most, easier to use than others, and offers the statistical power of SAS while proffering the simplicity of JMP, altogether a fine marriage.”

Indeed, JMP and SAS make a powerful combination. In my experience, the integration of JMP and SAS appeals to JMP users and non-users alike because users can both analyze and visualize large data sets.

Wass’ review also incorporates a brief history of the use of statistics by geneticists and describes a sample workflow in detail. It’s also packed with screenshots, which you can enlarge to get a closer look. He praises the thorough documentation and SAS’ respected reputation in statistics.

If you'd like to learn more about JMP Genomics after reading the Scientific Computing review, sign up for one of our free Webcasts, or download a white paper or the PDF of the product brief. Also, our site summarizes the new features in our last few versions.

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