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Reliability and summer holiday plans

Over the course of lunch with my colleagues yesterday, conversation moved to where we are going for our summer holidays. Two of us said that we are staying in the UK (a so-called “staycation”), and two of us are flying abroad. Four people, four holidays, two modes of travel and one thing in common: We all want to get there relaxed, ready to enjoy a well-earned break.

Now imagine if the car or plane broke down on the way to your holiday? It wouldn’t be the relaxing start you’re hoping for, would it? Which made me think of reliability. We are all depending on engineers applying reliability techniques to the development of our two modes of transport – cars and planes – to ensure that all of us can get to where we want, when we want, and so enjoy that holiday.

Reliability is one of those “hidden gems” in JMP. Engineers buy JMP to help them discover relationships in their data, solve problems and then build statistical models, which they can then simulate. One of the beauties of JMP is the software is an “engineers' toolbox” of statistical applications, so that if they need to do reliability analysis as part of their overall process, they can dip into JMP’s reliability platform, without having to learn or pay for a separate piece of software.

The reliability platform has been updated in JMP 10, and I am delighted to say that a leading expert in reliability, Dr. Bill Meeker, is visiting London on 13 March to give a speech at a seminar before Leo Wright of JMP shows the new capabilities in JMP. If reliability is important to you – and you want to get to your summer holiday in a relaxed way – you can register online for the complimentary seminar.

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