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Reliability Analysis Expert Kicks Off JMP Explorers Series

More than 70 people gathered at SAS headquarters last Friday to hear Dr. William Meeker, Professor of Statistics at Iowa State University, talk about reliability analysis. Following a hot breakfast, attendees watched Meeker's presentation covering the principles behind probability plots, multiple failure modes analysis and accelerated life testing.

For each topic, JMP Statistical R&D Director Brad Jones showed JMP software's capabilities to analyze, plot and provide relevant statistics about the variety of distributions available to help users understand their data.

Of particular interest to the audience was the discussion of multiple failure modes analysis, which is important for understanding the impact of the wear of different parts on the performance of a product. Among the attendees were engineers who help their companies determine reasonable warranty periods, so this topic was particularly relevant to them.

This was the first live seminar in the JMP Explorers Series. Upcoming speakers include Richard DeVeaux, Sam Savage and Stephen Few.

While he was at SAS headquarters, Meeker recorded four videos about reliability analysis, and Leo Wright from JMP recorded four accompanying JMP demos. View the webcast videos and demos. You will need to log in using a SAS profile, or set up a profile and then log in. The data for the demos is also available for download. Why not use the data to run the reliability analyses yourself?.

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