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Quick Reference Card

Do you love keyboard shortcuts as much as I do? If so, be sure to check out the Quick Reference Card (found in JMP by going to the Help menu and selecting Books -> Quick Reference Card). It is a PDF of the keyboard shortcuts available in JMP, broken down by the operating system (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux). Many of them will be familiar to you because they are common keyboard shortcuts for the applicable operating system, but a number of them are unique to JMP. For example, did you know you can increase the font size by holding down the CTRL and SHIFT keys and then pressing the plus sign? Similarly, pressing the minus sign will decrease your font size. Also, did you know you can hold down the ALT key and press the first letter of a menu title to open that menu? The only exception is the Tools menu, which requires ALT+O. As another example, you can also move your current window to the back with CTRL+B. Do you need to create a new data table? CTRL+N. Do you need to show the log window? CTRL+SHIFT+L. Do you want to add the current report to a journal? CTRL+J. The list goes on and on…

In addition to keyboard shortcuts, the Quick Reference Card also features common clicks and special functions. Examples of some common clicks include holding the CTRL key down while resizing a graph so that you can resize all similar graphs the same way and right-clicking on a selected cell in a data table and selecting Fill to repeat values or a sequence of values in a column. Examples of special functions include how to check that fences match in a script (place the cursor to the left of an opening fence or to the right of a closing fence and both fences will highlight if a match is found) and how to select multiple analysis options from a red triangle menu (hold the ALT key down before clicking the red triangle).

Finally, you can find a detailed description of the options in the Formula Editor and the Tools menu. These components are especially helpful if you are a new JMP user who is learning to navigate the interface and learning what the different options mean. You might like to print a copy of the Quick Reference Card and have it handy as you learn more about JMP.

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