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Questions for JMP at SAS Global Forum 2012

The JMP booth was a hub of activity during the first full day of SAS Global Forum 2012. We received a wide range of questions, and I would like to share some of them with you so we can all participate in the global conversation about SAS and its products.

Q: Can JMP create a map of ZIP codes for a particular region?

A: Yes. JMP already ships with a handful of predefined maps, such as US states, US counties and the countries of the world. ZIP code maps have been such a popular request, however, that we have made them available on the JMP File Exchange. Check out Xan Gregg's recent blog post about this topic.

Q: Can I access my data from a SAS server?

A: Yes, you can access data from a SAS server by connecting to a SAS Metadata Server or SAS Workspace Server through JMP. JMP and SAS are very closely integrated.

Q: Someone mentioned that JMP had the capability to connect to R – is that true?

A: Yes, it is true! You can open your R programs in JMP and submit R statements that use your favorite R packages. The graphics are then rendered in JMP.

Q: Can I connect to and import data that I have stored on a database server?

A: Yes, JMP provides ODBC connections to most database servers to allow you to access your data.

Q: What is the difference between JMP and SAS Visual Analytics Explorer?

A: SAS Visual Analytics Explorer is a brand new offering from SAS in the form of a Web client that takes advantage of an in-memory LASR server that has terabytes of memory available to visualize billions of rows. JMP is a desktop application that can analyze as much data as your PC’s memory can manage. JMP has a long and rich history of visual exploration and analysis. Both are powerful and can quickly and interactively create vibrant visualizations. JMP is very portable and can be fully leveraged in places where Web access is restricted.

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