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Oil and Gas Industry Sees Value in JMP

Team members from JMP attended the Society of Petroleum Engineers 2009 Technical Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, earlier this month.

The data visualization capabilities of JMP 8 were demoed at the event and were well-received by conference attendees representing a wide range of professions in the oil and gas industry. They saw great value in how JMP visual analytics and exploratory data analysis can help optimize efficiency and reduce costs in both the upstream exploration/extraction to downstream refining operations.

The JMP team also presented real oil and gas business case examples to participants that highlighted how JMP's fast and interactive analysis can quickly find trends and then present these results to others in a visually compelling way.

To learn more about how JMP can help your oil and gas business, visit our oil and gas page and consider trying our free 30-day trial of fully functional JMP 8 for yourself!

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Bontan wrote:

Very interesting


Pico RG wrote:

Gas and Oil are a major earth resources for us humans so we can't expect that some eco fuels can replace them in such short time and that will also lead to some changes in industry and government.