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May 21, 2014

October JMP Newswire newsletter

I hope you are subscribed to the monthly JMP Newswire newsletter. If not, below is what we sent out to subscribers for October. We keep the newsletter short, with just three or four key stories for JMP users. One of those stories is always a helpful tip we call "Have You Tried..." – take a look and sign up to get the newsletter automatically. (The newsletter also has a list of upcoming live webcasts and events – that list is not included below.)

JMP® Papers, Slides and Posters Available

Slides and papers from 29 new presentations and 19 posters about JMP are now on our website. You’ll find great reads on JMP Scripting Language, JMP Pro, design of experiments, neural networks and reliability, to name a few topics. And you’ll see JMP applications in such areas as manufacturing, R&D, education and clinical trials. These materials were contributed by JMP users who attended Discovery Summit in September. Explore this new resource and learn ways to extend your own JMP use.

Submit a JMP® Paper to SAS® Global Forum

Why not help build a resource like the one above? The call for papers for SAS Global Forum 2013 is now open. Next year’s meeting will be held April 28-May 1 in San Francisco, and it is a great conference for presenting papers about JMP. You can submit a paper or poster you presented at Discovery Summit this year – whether it was accepted or not – or offer a new paper idea.

Have You Tried…

…Select Matching Cells? Choose this option from the context (right-click) menu in the JMP data table to select all of the cells in a specific column with the same value. This can be useful in lots of situations. For example, you may need to delete all rows that contain a certain value, or you might want to create a custom marker for all data points that share a specific value. To select the matching cells, just find one row and select this option. Voila! All of the same values are selected in the column that you are working with.

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