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Now you can contact JMP Technical Support from within JMP

While you have long been able to reach JMP Technical Support by phone, email and the JMP website, you can now submit a support request from the Help menu in JMP!

We know that switching out of JMP can be inconvenient and disruptive to your thought process. Whether you have a question about how to accomplish a task in JMP, need additional details about a statistical method, or need clarification about something in the documentation, you can easily reach out to JMP experts without leaving the software.


How do you do that?

Simply download and install the Contact JMP Technical Support Add-In from the File Exchange. Once installed, the Contact JMP Technical Support item will appear on your Help menu in JMP. Select this menu item to open a dialog where you can select a topic and subtopic, provide details of your question, and even attach files. There are also links to additional resources, such as the online documentation and the JMP User Community.

MainDialog2Now, more than ever, JMP Technical Support is only a click away!

At JMP Technical Support, our mission is to:


Help our customers make the best use of our software products through effective and responsive support, active advocacy, and a broad and flexible range of self-help resources.

You can find a full description of the support services and support policies on the JMP website.

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