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New activities and videos to enhance your JMP skills

Since it debuted earlier this year, the New User Welcome Kit has become one of the most fun and efficient ways to learn how to use JMP. Now it’s been updated with six new hands-on activities that let you apply your skills within JMP itself. The new activities include:

  • Using Graph Builder With a Local Data Filter
  • Multivariate Analysis Using Fit Model Nominal Logistic
  • Time Series Analysis Using Control Chart Builder
  • So whether you’ve already tried the kit or not, whether you are a beginning or intermediate user, we think you will improve your JMP skills by completing the six new activities.

    The updated Welcome Kit also features three new videos, including one focused on Global and Local Data Filters in the Analyze section. It also includes a handy glossary of JMP terms and platforms.

    So check out the new activities at the end of the Welcome Kit (in Practice section 11) and take your JMP skills to the next level.

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