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New Feature in JMP Genomics 4.1: Tip of the Day

Have you ever wondered if there was a special trick in JMP Genomics for creating a specific graphic or if there was an easy way to change the size of a set of markers?

Well, wonder no more!

For the forthcoming release of JMP Genomics, we polled a large group of experts to find out all of the novel ways they use JMP Genomics. We collected their ideas and suggestions into a very cool new feature we call the JMP Genomics Tip of the Day. There are 36 different tips. Each tip shows you a cool trick, explains a feature, or tells you about one or more novel or surprising things you can do with JMP Genomics.

A different tip is displayed every time you open JMP Genomics.

An example (Tip #35) is shown below.

Suggest a Tip of the Day and get a free JMP Genomics gift

Are you a JMP Genomics user? Have you found an interesting feature or shortcut that you would like to share? Just send a description of your tip to genomics@jmp.com.

If we include your tip in the next release of JMP Genomics, we’ll send you a free gift.

Wait a minute….

I just thought of another one!

Tip #37: Although a different tip is surfaced at random each time you open JMP Genomics, you can access all of the tips at any time by clicking Help > Tip of the Day.

OK, Shannon, where’s my T-shirt???

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