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New Edition of the JMP Scripting Course

Soon after JMP 4 introduced scripting, we began to get requests for help with this feature. Initially, these requests were answered by informal workshops conducted at the site of our customers. It became apparent that our customers desired a regular, standardized course was called for, to satisfy the steadily growing demand. The result was the first edition of JMP Software: Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language. It was a one-day course based largely on our experience with the informal workshops. It was aimed at beginners who wanted to use scripts to help them with every day needs.

As the interest in scripting grew, our course evaluations indicated that the topics in the initial course were not enough. Instead of creating a new second course to follow the first one, we augmented the first course with more-advanced topics and increased the duration to two days. This revision also required modifications to several presentations and a restructuring of material.

In time, scripting was no longer considered an esoteric feature but attracted even the most basic JMP user. Because of this broader audience, we started to hear another comment: some users were intimidated by scripting and by our two-day course. For this new audience, we created JMP Software: Beginner Scripting Workshop as an exclusive feature of the past JMP User Conference. Though shorter in duration (half a day) and less intense in its approach, it still provided a solid and practical start that enabled students to use scripts right away in real work. With this training, they were also prepared to go on to the two-day course, if they wanted to advance their scripting skills even further.

Since JMP 4, the JMP scripting language has continually evolved. JMP 7 introduced a new editor, along with many new, powerful functions. These accumulated developments compelled us to consider and ultimately undertake the most extenisive revision since the course was first lengthened to two days. Although no topics were removed, several significant new ones were inserted into a more streamlined form that makes the course easier to follow and use.

The latest edition, like all of the editions that preceded it, was strongly influenced by our field experience with teaching a diverse audience of students. Their comments, once again, have proven to be our best guide.

We look forward to helping you with your next script, even if it is your first script.

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