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New Book Helps You Get the Most out of JMP Scripting

Book cover for Jump Into JMP ScriptingUsing the JMP Scripting Language (JSL), you can program JMP to repeat analyses, write custom programs to manipulate data, and extend JMP's graphical and analytical capabilities.

Wendy Murphrey and Rosemary Lucas of SAS are the authors of a new book about JSL called Jump Into JMP Scripting.

I asked Wendy and Rosemary a few questions to find out more about the book for readers of the JMP Blog.

Arati: What is this book about?

W&R: Jump Into JMP Scripting contains easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for getting the most out of JMP scripting with the least amount of script-writing on your own. Valuable tips are included on topics such as:

  • Extracting scripts from JMP.
  • Combining scripts to perform multiple tasks at once.
  • Finding the resources available to you.
  • Discussion of common issues for new and experienced scripters.
  • Even debugging hints.

  • The entire second half of the book is dedicated to script samples. We have worked with JMP scripters for many years and have pulled together more than 50 sample scripts to help you accomplish your scripting goals. hese samples are presented in the manner which most people think, “How do I accomplish this or that?” Plus, all the code you need to actually run the script is there for you, so you can see the results immediately.

    Arati: Why did you two decide to write this book?

    W&R: We have worked in JMP Technical Support for many years and have observed that often beginning JMP scripters need step-by-step instructions to help get their scripting projects moving along quickly. Many JMP customers have even asked what books were available regarding JSL!

    Arati: What is special about the JMP Scripting Language?

    W&R: The JMP Scripting Language is quite powerful in its features and distinctive in its approach as a scripting language. Once you understand the basic concepts and how to make JMP do a lot of the work for you, you will be well on your way to automating many of the tasks you perform routinely.

    Arati: Who, specifically, will benefit from reading and using your book? And how do you hope they will use the book?

    W&R: We expect that while the first couple of chapters are geared toward the new JMP scripter, there is important information regarding the layers of the results and tips for troubleshooting also found in the first section of the book that will be valuable to JMP scripters of varying experience levels. We filled the entire second half of the book with complete script examples that can be downloaded for a more hands-on learning experience. These will be valuable tools for learning, as well as, modifying to apply the concepts to the readers’ scripting projects.

    Arati: What kinds of case studies, examples or problems do you discuss in the book?

    W&R: As we mentioned, Jump Into JMP Scripting is broken into two sections. The first section takes the reader through several tasks beginning with the steps for creating a JSL script that automates a report, combining scripts, to creating a custom toolbar button that will do all those things at once!

    Arati: Where or how can someone buy your book?

    W&R: Jump Into JMP Scripting can be purchased from the SAS Press Web site, Amazon and more.

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