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My, how quality has changed!

Since I took my degree in engineering in the late 1980s, things have changed dramatically in the world of quality. The Six Sigma strategy was developed in 1986, with Total Quality Management (TQM) in its infancy by the turn of the decade. In the intervening years, engineers have been deluged by a flood of data collected from increasingly complex and sensitive equipment while being continually challenged by growing customer expectations. It’s become increasingly important for engineers to have the right software to calibrate equipment and collect and analyse data in a fast, efficient and coherent way. And it’s for these reasons that JMP, with its easy-to-use, point-and-click environment, is increasingly the software of choice to analyse quality data.

We are holding a seminar on 3 July in Marlow in the UK that showcases how JMP can be used to analyse data in a variety of manufacturing situations to:

  • Troubleshoot quality problems
  • Improve manufacturing yield
  • Improve the capability of your measurement system
  • Control complex manufacturing processes
  • If these are concerns to you, then why not register and join us for the day?

    We will be following this seminar up with one on a related topic: design of experiments. Two global thought leaders, Bradley Jones and Peter Goos, will be leading the event, which will take place on 19 Sept.

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    Mike Clayton wrote:

    Now that most manufacturing has become highly automated, JMP has become a very popular offline visualization tool for machine sensor-based data, gauge-based SPC data, electrical test or other product data, as well as the interactions with the many tools, matched or not, that make up the full flow and lead to the final product behavior (yield and key parameter capability). Its good to see a seminar focused on manufacturing, when most of the big data folks are playing with social media and government or healthcare data,