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More things to love about JMP Clinical 5.0: Internationalization 更多的值得您挚爱的JMP临床5.0:国际化

Richard Zink blogged about “7 things to love about JMP Clinical 5.0” the day that JMP Clinical 5.0 and JMP Genomics 7.0 were released. In his post, he highlighted seven important new or improved functions in JMP Clinical 5.0, including RBM (risk-based monitoring), fraud detection, SMQs (Standardised MedDRA Queries), predictive modeling review, subgroup identification, review builder and patient profiles that will further streamline safety and efficacy studies to enable understanding of clinical trial results better and faster.

Let me add two more big things to love about JMP Clinical 5.0 -- both are related to the fact that it is no longer English-only software.

First, JMP Clinical has been translated into simplified Chinese, the first non-English language for JMP Clinical.

在JMP 临床 5.0和JMP基因组学7.0发布的当天,Richard Zink发表了“JMP临床5.0中值得您挚爱的7件事” 的博客。在他的文章中,他强调在JMP临床5.0的七大新的或改进的功能,包括基于风险的监测(RBM),欺诈检测,标准化MedDRA的查询 (SMQs),预测建模审查,分组鉴定,复审生成器和病人概述,这将进一步简化安全性和有效性研究,以更好,更快的了解临床试验结果。



Figure 1: JMP Clinical Starter in Chinese

图1. JMP临床5.0 的启动页。

Figure 2: AE Distribution results

图2. 不良事件分布结果。

Second, JMP Clinical 5.0 can handle clinical trial data in Chinese or Japanese on a Chinese or Japanese operating system with a little additional work by the user.

Since JMP Clinical uses CDISC format data, we take advantage of the standardized data that has fixed or controlled terminology for certain values in programming. Because certain terminologies can be translated into different words in Chinese or Japanese, we require a few essential values to be translated into specific terms that are consistent with the terms we used in programming (see Figure 3 below). If you don't use these translated terms, you may not be able to get correct results.




Figure 3. Required Chinese and Japanese terminology translation in the data.

图3. 在数据中必须翻译的中文和日语的术语。

Users can also access this table in online documentation.


We are working on the Japanese translation of JMP Clinical and are planning its release in the near future.


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