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Making #onelesspie with JMP

It's wonderful to see the #onelesspie effort gathering interest, especially on twitter. For my introductory post yesterday, I wanted to focus on encouraging people to improve pie charts everywhere. In this post, I want to show you how I remade the pie chart in JMP.

Here's the original:

The first step is to get the data, and fortunately the data is contained in the wiki page as a table. Plus, there is a link to the source so I could verify that it was the latest and accurate. JMP’s Internet Open menu command is great at reading Wikipedia tables, making the whole data acquisition step quick and painless.

Making a bar chart in Graph Builder was quite straightforward, but there were three tweaks that are not so obvious. Can you spot them?


1) Showing millions of users instead of raw user counts on the axis. For that, I created a formula column that was just

2) Ordering the bars. For ordering, I used the existing rank column, though it would have been easy enough to add such a column. I dragged it into the Merge/Order hot-spot, which is just inside the axis. It’s highlighted in blue when dragging.

After that, I right-clicked to change ascending to descending to get Others at the bottom.

3) Graying the bar for "Others." In Graph Builder, the bar color can be determined by a data column, so I created a new column called "other" with values of "y" for the "Others" row and "n" for the others. Then I used that column in the Color role to get it a separate color for it.

I right-clicked on the legend to change red to gray, and I excluded the legend from the final picture (so the actual values didn't matter).

After some final adjustments for the axis text and sizing, I saved the image as an SVG file and verified it in a Web browser.

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