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London seminar shows power of reliability analysis

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of Dr. Bill Meeker, one of the world's leading experts in reliability analysis, present in London. After sharing some vivid examples of what can happen when reliability goes wrong, he talked about reliability in five areas, with Leo Wright demonstrating how JMP can be applied to them:

  • Life distribution probability plots for looking at fatigue data
  • Multiple failure modes to determine competing causes of failure
  • Using Bayesian methods in reliability analysis
  • Using degradation analysis in a resistor accelerated test
  • Using reliability demonstration for test planning
  • I took away three main things:

    1. The reliability platform has been enhanced in JMP 10 to be world-class.
    2. This has been done under the guidance of the leading figure in reliability, Dr. Bill Meeker.
    3. JMP is an integrated statistical "toolbox" that gives engineers a one-stop shop of data analysis and statistical capabilities -- meaning that that in many cases, they only need JMP in order to do most reliability functions, rather than an expensive collection of software packages.
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