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Language options in JMP User Community

Real-time translation of content in the online JMP User Community is now available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

For example, you can post to a Discussion in Japanese, and another user who speaks Spanish can read that post and respond in Spanish. You will view the response to your post in Japanese.

Please note that the content in the User Community displays in the language that you have set for your Internet browser. To see content in a specific language, you will need to change your browser setting to display content in that language and refresh the browser. If you use multiple browsers (such as Chrome or Firefox) to take part in the User Community, you must change the setting in each browser.

translation_communityYour current translation is shown in the User Community on the right side of the top navigation bar (see image at right).

We hope this new translation feature will mean that more people can participate more fully in the community. For more information on language support, read the announcement in the User Community.

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