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Keyboard tips: CTRL/Click, ALT/Click, CTRL/ALT/Click

In his January 28 Webcast on Advanced Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Efficiency, Sam Gardner demonstrated three keyboard shortcuts that are useful for applying commands or options to graphical reports.

1. CTRL/Click applies one red triangle hot spot command or option to all applicable graphical reports in an analysis window. For example, in a display of multiple Distributions, you may want to see the Normal Quantile Plot for all continuous variables. Simply hold down the Control key while you click the red hot spot and select Normal Quantile Plot. JMP is smart enough to identify the Distributions for the continuous variables and display the Normal Quantile Plot for each.

2. ALT/Click applies multiple red triangle hot spot commands or options to one graphical report. For example, you may want to Fit Line, display Histogram Borders and Fit Mean for a scatterplot. Simply hold down the Alt key while you click the hot spot and then JMP displays a checklist of options. Check the options you want, click OK, and JMP applies all the selected options to the graphical report .

3. Want to combine both shortcuts? CTRL/ALT/Click applies multiple commands or options to all applicable graphical reports in an analysis window.

Want more tips? A recorded demo that includes other advanced tips and tricks for using JMP is available for download. .

Want to join a live Webcast? Webcasts offering demos and helpful tips for JMP users are held at least once per week into May. Register for as many as you like.

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Richard Giambrone wrote:

Thank you for this tip. I'm a new user and I found it annoying to have to click each option one at a time. I thought there would be a way to check more than one option, but I couldn't figure out how to do it.