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JMP help at your fingertips

When you need help generating that report or interpreting its results, time is of the essence. JMP provides you with a variety of documentation resources, whether you prefer reading online or in print. In addition to the traditional options, we're pleased to offer two new sources of help.

Help on jmp.com

With JMP 10, help is available on the JMP website. As you can imagine, there are many benefits to online help. Searching the help with Google or another search engine can provide more robust results than searching the embedded JMP help or PDF files. The online help also increases the visibility of JMP. As more users click JMP help topics in their search results, JMP features will gradually rank higher in search results. And you can link directly to a help topic from another Web page or document.

Searching the online help

Find online help at http://jmp.com/support/help/.

Tips for Using Online Help

  • Search only the JMP help by entering terms in the orange Search JMP Online Documentation box.
  • To find help for the Graph Builder iPad application, click JMP iPad Help in the left column of the online documentation Web pages.
  • e-books for the iPad

    We're also very excited to offer digital books (or e-books) for the first time with the release of JMP 10.0.1. Designed for viewing in iBooks on the iPad, the e-books provide interactive options and let you personalize your reading experience. For example, you can increase the font size or brightness as you prefer.

    iBooks library

    Content also automatically reflows to fit the size of the viewing area. So when you change the font size or rotate the iPad to landscape or portrait view, the entire page fits within the viewing area.

    Why choose e-books over PDF? Here are a few advantages:

    • Search for terms in the e-book or on Wikipedia.
    • Add bookmarks with a single tap.
    • Double-tap a word or drag your finger over a phrase to highlight, underline and enter notes.
    • Look up the definition of selected words.
    • Carry JMP e-books everywhere, along with your other e-books.
    • As electronic publication (EPUB) files, JMP e-books can be read in most e-readers. However, the formatting is optimized for iBooks. Purchase the e-books in the iBookstore for $3.99 to $4.99.

      Tips for Reading e-books

      • Text is set to full justification in iBooks. The result is unattractive, distracting line breaks. You are strongly encouraged to turn full justification off in the iPad settings for iBooks. (Tap the Settings icon, iBooks, and then turn off Full Justification.)
      • Rotate your iPad to portrait view to fit more content onto one page. This option is especially helpful for viewing wide tables and large images.
      • To easily identify JMP book titles, display the titles in your iBooks library rather than just the book covers.
      • Embedded Help

        The help system inside JMP provides quick access to documentation. Select Help > Contents in JMP to open the help system and browse through the books. You can also search the help or look for specific terms in the index.

        Many users also rely on the question-mark tool in JMP to display information on a selected report, graph or other graphical item. How do you interpret a Bivariate nonparametric density plot? Click the ? button on the toolbar and then click the plot you created. Help appears in a new window.

        Displaying help in JMP

        Search Tips for Embedded HelpRecent Help pane

        • On Windows, you can quickly open previously viewed help topics from the Home Window. In the lower left corner of JMP, look for the Recent Help pane. Links to help topics, book PDF files, and other items from the Help menu appear in the pane.
        • After you've searched for a topic, the search terms are highlighted on the page, which can be distracting, so turn off the highlighting by selecting Options and then select Search Highlight Off. Turn the highlighting on before searching again.
        • To hone your search, enclose phrases in quotes, or use the Boolean search options next to the Search box. If you get too many search results, deselect Match similar words in the bottom left corner of Search tab in the help window.
        • You might prefer searching the book PDF files rather than the online help. Quickly open one of the PDF files by clicking the book title in the help window footer. This is a convenient alternative to opening them from the Help > Books menu.

          Books in Print and PDF

          If you prefer the printed word, purchase a JMP book from the SAS website or Amazon.com. Prices range from $16 to $70.

          Books are also provided in Portable Document Format (PDF). The advantages of PDF are portability, search, and annotation options. Some screenshots might look fuzzy onscreen; however, they look crisper in print. To open a book PDF file from JMP, select the title from the Help > Books menu.

          Order printed books or download the PDF books at http://jmp.com/support/books.shtml.

          Tip for Searching PDF Files

          Have you ever wanted to search for information on a particular subject but don't know which book to begin with? Search all JMP PDF files at once by opening one of the files and selecting Edit > Advanced Search (in Adobe Reader) or Edit > Search  (in Adobe Acrobat). Browse to find the JMP Documentation folder and enter your search terms. You can then click through the search results in each book. The following example shows the results for "Crow AMSAA" in Quality and Reliability Methods book.

          Searching the book PDF files

          Which forms of documentation do you find most helpful? What features would you like to see? Let us know your thoughts so we can best meet your needs.

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          Saurabh S wrote:

          How do you download the e-books to an iPad?


          Sheila Loring wrote:

          You must download the e-books in the iBookstore on your iPad.


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          Great job, Sheila!

          It is more important than ever that our books be complete and well written.