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Jul 7, 2014

JMP for ethanol producers

JMP for ethanol producers

JMP for ethanol producers

I recently presented at a webinar on "The Power of Data: Harnessing Ethanol Plant Information for Increased Profitability." This talk followed on the heels of an article, "Putting Data to Work," in Ethanol Producer Magazine in December. The article discussed JMP use at Phibro Ethanol Performance Group, Heron Lake Bioenergy and Novozymes.

Ethanol customers find that JMP is a huge time saver. It speeds up the access, analysis and reporting of ethanol data. That, in turn, helps improve quality, increase yields and create better experiments. My presentation covered several case studies in the ethanol and bioenergy fields where JMP was used to great effect to quickly find results that can improve profitability.

Slides from my presentation are available online. And you can watch the full webinar at your convenience -- my presentation is the first 15 minutes or so.