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Staff (Retired)
JMP for Conjoint Analysis Shines at Six Sigma Event

JMP staff members Susan Glick, Jami Hampton, John Guerrero and I attended the ASQ Lean Six Sigma event in Phoenix Arizona the week of Feb. 10. The JMP booth was buzzing with interested attendees looking to capitalize on JMP’s Lean Visual Six Sigma concepts.


Attendees were keenly excited about JMP’s Design of Experiments (DOE) capabilities, which enable organizations to execute unique designs with the DOE Custom Designer to improve their business performance and customer satisfaction.


We were fortunate to have Rob Reul, co-founder of Isometric Solutions, as a keynote speaker. Rob presented an outstanding discussion on deploying Voice of the Customer (VOC) analytics to drive business performance and enhance the process of Six Sigma project selection.


JMP really shined as Rob showed examples of several categorical and conjoint techniques unique to JMP, which are necessary to achieve world-class business results.


“Six Sigma techniques to improve manufacturing and service operations and Design for Six Sigma are well-established. Applying appropriate Six Sigma analytics for the VOC space is truly the next innovative approach that must be adopted in order to stay ahead of the competition,” Rob said.


The room was packed, and we ran out of business cards because Rob’s talk generated such a high level of interest.


If that was not exciting enough, Dr. Roselinde Kessels, postdoctoral researcher at North Carolina State University, presented a workshop showcasing the unparalleled features of JMP to perform conjoint studies. She wowed the audience with the easy-to-use, powerful features of JMP’s Custom Designer for performing efficient designs with graphical analysis techniques.

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Clint wrote:

I am looking for people who apply fundamental probabilistic methods to DFSS. That is my area of interest. Did Rob Reul cover this area by any chance?



Phil Keenan wrote:

Are Dr Roselinde Kessels, and Rob Reul's presentation available to JMP users ?




Conjoint Analysis So wrote:


I lkie your comments keep it on.