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JMP and Microsoft Excel: Demos and Q&A

I promised the 400 people who attended Chuck Pirrello's Feb. 3 live webcast on using the JMP Add-In for Microsoft Excel a link to a JMP and Excel demo he recorded for you.

Did you miss the live event? No problem. You can catch the 10-minute demo at your leisure.

Want to try some of the data manipulation Chuck demonstrated? Just download his Sales by Product Name files from the JMP File Exchange.

The interactive Q&A was one of the most valuable aspects of Chuck's live webcast. I spoke with Chuck and with Paul Nelson, our JMP Add-In for Microsoft Excel developer, to get answers to some of the common questions that arose yesterday.

Q: What version of JMP do I need to run the JMP Add-In for Excel?

A: JMP 9 or JMP Pro.

Q: What platforms work with the JMP Add-In for Excel?

A: The add-in currently runs on Windows only.

Q: With what versions of Microsoft Excel is the JMP Add-In for Excel compatible?

A: 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2003 or later. The Add-In for Excel does not work with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office/Excel. Look for 64-bit Office compatibility in a JMP 9 update later this year.

Q: If I have JMP 8, how can I look at the Prediction Profiler that Chuck demonstrated?

A: Chuck's demo (and data) on Predicting the Impact of Business Decisions will walk you through the steps using JMP 8.

Live Mastering JMP webcasts on other JMP 9 and JMP Pro topics -- such as predictive modeling, interactive data mining and mixture designs -- continue through May. Consider registering for one or more topics that interest you.

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