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JMP Year-End Roundup

Ah, yes. It’s been a good year. Why? Because JMP® software only gets better with age. Each new release boasts enhanced features and capabilities. And as time goes on, more people come to recognize the power of data visualization for making breakthroughs.

As 2009 comes to a close, we reminisce about the year’s highlights and look to future successes. Amid all the year-in-review coverage you’ll find in newspapers, magazines, and talk radio, here is our very own JMP year-end roundup.

Discovery 2009 and Innovators’ Summit

This year our back-to-back conferences were held in Chicago where more than 200 attendees explored new ideas in analytics and examined real-world applications. Noted celebrities, including George Box, father of modern-day statistics, presented at the events.

Review archived coverage, captured on the Discovery and Innovators’ Summit blog.

Both events featured Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author of Blink, Outliers and Tipping Point. Watch clips from his keynote address.

Gladwell on Problem Solving
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Gladwell discusses a paradigm shift in problem-solving by comparing the circumstances of Watergate, a traditional scandal, to Enron, a modern one.

Gladwell on Evaluating Quarterbacks

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Gladwell suggests that the questions we ask when trying to predict success are too simplistic, even for a seemingly straightforward problem like drafting the best quarterback for a football team.

The JMP team looks forward to hosting Discovery Summit 2010, Sept. 13-16 at SAS world headquarters in Cary, NC.

Explorers 2009 Seminar Series

Prominent figures in analytics traveled the nation (and crossed the Atlantic) to deliver technical seminars for the first year of the Explorers Series. Topics included data mining, data visualization, reliability and risk visualization. Experienced and new users alike attended 20 seminars, picking up JMP tips and tricks from systems engineers. The series will be back in 2010 with encore presentations from past speakers, as well as a few new faces.

Users Groups

This year JMP welcomed eight new JMP Users Groups into the fold. From Atlanta to Southern California, these groups offer JMP users numerous opportunities to exchange knowledge, network and benchmark with peers, and expand their understanding of JMP applications across disciplines. Visit the JMP Users Group page for information about upcoming events. Look out for the new Users Community Portal in 2010.

JMP Genomics

Our latest release, JMP Genomics 4.1, offers new genome visualization and predictive modeling capabilities. A new 64-bit version offers more power for exploration of even larger data sets than before. JMP Genomics is having a tremendous impact on life sciences research, as evidenced by the numerous studies that reference its use.

Social Networking Community

Want the inside scoop on statistical breakthroughs as the new year unfolds? Join other JMP users on the JMP Professional Network (LinkedIn) and the JMP Software page (Facebook). You can also follow JMP_software and JMP_Genomics on Twitter.

20th Anniversary

JMP reached its 20-year milestone in 2009. The JMP team has worked diligently to improve and expand the scope of JMP software for two decades, engaging in dialogue with customers about their needs. They extend a heartfelt thank you for recognizing the value of data exploration and visualization – and for allowing JMP to help you make discoveries and solve problems in your corner of the world. Read more about the celebration.

And as John Sall, chief architect of JMP, expressed in a video for the occasion, “May JMP always provide enough delights to hold your loyalty.”

See you in 2010!