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JMP Tree Map in Data Visualization Report

In case you missed my Twitter update about it last week, a JMP tree map created by Daniel Arneman of UNC Energy Services was featured in a recent data visualization report by Intelligent Enterprise titled "Seeing Connections: Visualization Makes Sense of Data." The report, by Seth Grimes, is available as a free download, with registration, and it's definitely worth a read.

Tree Map created by Daniel Arneman of UNC Energy Services. It shows greenhouse gas emissions by each building on the university's campus

Arneman's tree map visualizes greenhouse gas emissions by buildings on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is also featured in the "Visualization Image Gallery" that accompanies the report (registration isn't required to view this), along with an explanation of the value of this type of data visualization:

"Cell Size Indicates Variable Contribution: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill developed this treemap visualization using SAS JMP software to show that certain buildings and classes of buildings are responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than others. Treemaps are not designed to convey numerical quantities; the intent is to show relative rankings...."

You can read more about how Arneman uses JMP to assess, monitor and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions at UNC in our story about his work. You'll see the same tree map in our image gallery (though, using different colors), and you'll also see lots of other cool visualizations by Arneman, including a series of Bubble Plots and the Profiler.

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