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JMP Training Options

JMP Training is dedicated to providing quality courses that enable our customers to harness the power of JMP Software. We in training proudly offer three ways to take classes.

The first option is through public training. Public courses are taught at SAS training facilities throughout the United States. Public courses combine lecture, software demonstrations, hands-on computer workshops, and detailed course notes developed by our instructors, resulting in an interactive learning experience that is second to none. A public course allows you to send only as many people as you would like to the training, and it offers the flexibility to take the course in the city that is most convenient for you. In addition, students can interact with the instructor in-person, enhancing the learning environment.

The second option is through on-site training. On-site courses provide the same quality content and instruction as the public courses, but are taught in a private setting at either your workplace or at one of our training centers. With on-site training, you have the benefit of generating discussions unique to your work and data environment and working through the materials as a team. This is an ideal option when there is a group of people who would like to take JMP training courses. There are also certain customization options available with on-site training.

Finally, the third option is through live web classes. Live web classes bring the instructor-led training directly to your desktop, allowing students to take the course anywhere that is convenient. Using a Web browser and a telephone, you can participate in the class and interact with the instructor, who will guide you through the materials. While the students cannot interact with the instructor in-person, the flexibility and convenience that live web offers makes training possible in many situations that otherwise might not be feasible. No travel time and no travel costs make this a desirable option for many students.

To find out more about JMP training options, go to www.jmp.com/training or contact Deborah Upchurch: deborah.upchurch@sas.com or (919) 531-7312.

We look forward to seeing you in future JMP training courses!

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