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JMP Student Edition 12: Free with leading intro stats textbooks

Introductory Statistics is notorious for being one of the least popular courses required for graduation. Fortunately, modern approaches to teaching statistics are changing the perceptions and popularity of statistics for the better. These approaches are largely driven by data, rather than mathematics, and the modern data-driven interface of JMP is empowering instructors to teach engaging introductory courses.

To meet the needs of these modern courses, JMP has just released the latest version of JMP Student Edition, a streamlined version that contains all of the analysis and visualization tools covered in any introductory statistics course. (Our website shows a comparison of JMP and JMP Student Edition.) Its easy-to-use, point-and-click interface, Windows and Mac compatibility, and intuitive navigation make it an ideal companion for learning statistics, too.

JMP SE contains all the univariate, bivariate and multivariate

JMP Student Edition contains all the univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistics and graphics covered in most first-year courses.

The latest version is now easier to get. Many leading textbooks include access to download a copy of JMP Student Edition through an authorization code packaged in their print or e-text products. Each downloaded copy provides 24 months of use, so students can continue to enjoy JMP Student Edition well beyond their introductory course.

Based on JMP 12.1, the latest release contains several new and improved features:

  • For instructors who wish to emphasize randomization and resampling to motivate inference, Bootstrapping is built-in to the Distribution platform.
  • For courses that wish to introduce concepts and applications of big data, we have removed the limit on data size.
  • Some courses, such as those in business statistics, are beginning to introduce concepts of analytics. So, we have included elements of the Partition platform to provide classification and regression trees.
  • JMP SE 2 trees

    • To facilitate student projects and communicating results, JMP Student Edition now features a direct export to PowerPoint as well as an interactive HTML output option.
    • “Applet-like” conceptual demonstrations of fundamental ideas such as probability, sampling distributions and confidence intervals, to name a few, are now included and integrated into the help menu. Easy to access, they also feature the ability to use your own data to simulate concepts.
    • JMP SE 3 concept

      • Mapping tools in JMP Student Edition now include street maps.
      • JMP SE 4 map

        Additional effort went into tailoring JMP Student Edition to the standard output seen in textbooks. Default output of one- and two-variable graphs will more closely reflect standard practice.

        JMP SE 5 histogram

        For high schools that need a license for computer labs or classrooms, we offer a special five-year schoolwide license for middle and high schools. Contact JMP academic sales for more information at academic@jmp.com. Additional teaching resources for AP Statistics are freely available at our website.

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        Jan à kerström wrote:

        Very good! Why not a cloud version with entry level covering designs?


        Curt Hinrichs wrote:

        Thank you Jan, we do provide Covering Arrays in JMP Pro and though we dont have a cloud version, you may wish to contact your local JMP office for related options.