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JMP Learning Library: Not Just for Academics

Have you checked out the JMP Learning Library lately? Designed for students in introductory statistics courses – or anyone new to JMP – the Learning Library provides short guides, tutorials and links to other resources for getting started with JMP.

Now, we all know that JMP is easy to use. It’s just drag here and drop there. Voila!

Of course, it helps if you know which menu to use and what goes where, and this can take a bit of practice. For example, if I want to perform a One Sample t-Test, what menu do I use? Where do I go?

The Learning Library, which is organized around statistical terms and subjects taught in most introductory statistics courses, houses resources produced by the JMP Academic team to help new users hit the ground running, including:

• The JMP 9 Quick Guide, a cheat sheet that outlines keystrokes for performing basic tasks in JMP.

One-Page Guides, which walk you through how to perform basic tasks in JMP and help you interpret the results.

We also borrowed a series of tutorials from our friends at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville, Professors Ramon Leon and Charlie Cwiek, who graciously allowed us to post the tutorials on our website. Many thanks, guys!

How is the Learning Library set up?

The JMP 9 Quick Guide is available as a Web page or PDF file via a link in the right panel.

The One-Page Guides and tutorials are organized by category in the middle of the page. Click on a blue bar to open a category. Then, click on a spreadsheet icon to open a tutorial, or click on a PDF icon to open a One-Page Guide.

If you want to print all of the One-Page Guides, or all of the guides in a particular category, select the link toward the bottom of the page.

The content of the Learning Library is always changing. Next up: One-Page Guides for introductory Data Mining, Multivariate Statistics and Time Series topics.

And, if there’s something missing, we’re always happy to take requests! Let me know in a comment.

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