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May 21, 2014

JMP-L: The Internet List for JMP Users

Would you like to be able to discuss your JMP questions or discoveries with other JMP users from around the world? If so, there is a virtual community of JMP users that you can join. Through this group, you can find answers to your questions and help others find answers to their questions. Topics range from the simple to the advanced and include how to enter and manipulate data, create column formulas, compute a particular statistic with JMP, or script some extensive operation. You post a question and get responses from any number of other users who have encountered a similar problem and have a suggestion.

To join this list, simply send this one line message:

subscribe JMP-L

as the only thing in the body of your e-mail message to:

Alternatively, you can use this Web page to manage your subscription:

After you receive confirmation of your subscription, you can send a message to the list at any time using this address:

We look forward to your participation!

DISCLAIMER: The JMP-L list is not affiliated with or supported by SAS Institute, Inc. The Biostatistics department at Washington University in Saint Louis hosts the list.

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