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JMP Genomics user wins research scientist award

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Jackson, winner of the Herbert L. Rothbart Outstanding Early Career Research Scientist Award for USDA-ARS!

I am excited to help spread the word that JMP Genomics user Dr. Eric Jackson has won a prestigious USDA-ARS national award -- the Herbert L. Rothbart Outstanding Early Career Research Scientist. Eric was selected from among 16 area winners to win the national award “for revitalizing oat genomics research in the North America through exceptional scientific creativity and partnerships.”

Of course, when I contacted Eric to congratulate him, he credited his entire research team. Eric, his colleagues and collaborators are working to improve understanding of genetic markers and traits in oat with the goal of developing selective breeding strategies to further improve the disease resistance and health benefits of oat crops in the future.

We have been lucky enough to meet members of Eric’s team and several of his collaborators, and they are a remarkable and dedicated group of scientists. They are certainly fortunate to have such a high-energy leader in their midst. Of course, we’re glad to have Eric as an enthusiastic user who has shared his thoughts about our existing functionality and future possible directions for JMP Genomics. I’ll be posting another blog entry later in the week about some of the linkage mapping features that Eric requested for JMP Genomics 5.1.

To learn more about Eric’s research collaborations, you can watch the recorded webcast CORE Exploration: Markers to Maps to Genes, All in One Setting.

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