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JMP Genomics release features new analytic tools

JMP Genomics 5.1 has been released! Although it feels like we’ve been working on this release for a long time, it was only last November when JMP Genomics 5.0 went out the door. What have we been up to during that time? Quite a lot! One big change for our development team was that this release cycle marked the first time that we’re releasing JMP Genomics at the same time as our sister product, JMP Clinical. Bringing both new releases onto the same schedule greatly simplifies the update process for customers who license both products.

While our last release was largely focused on bringing JMP Genomics onto the new JMP 9 platform and organizing the presentation of results into tabbed reports, the development team managed to add a number of new features too. This time, although we’re moving onto a new maintenance release of JMP (9.0.2) and a new major version of SAS (9.3), we’ve spent more of our time on analytic feature development and refinement and less on infrastructure changes.

Some of the major headlines for release 5.1 include new import, normalization, and analysis tools for data summarized from next-gen sequencing studies and a suite of new linkage map creation and visualization tools. To get more details about these and other new features, please visit the updated JMP Genomics web page. There, you’ll find our new product brief, information on what we’ve added in different content areas of the product, and screen shots of many new features. Detailed technical release notes and an installation guide are also available online.

One infrastructure change we did make is well worth mentioning. Our documentation specialists have created a new online help system to provide more detailed information on all JMP Genomics processes and how to use them. Moving to a Web-based system will allow us more frequent documentation updates in response to user questions. Meanwhile, another major undertaking for the upcoming JMP Genomics 6.0 and JMP Clinical 3.0 releases is already in progress: the creation of a context-specific help system for output reports.

In fact, since JMP Genomics 5.1 was finalized over a month ago, many changes have already been pushed into the JMP Genomics 6.0 release track. JMP Genomics 6.0 and JMP Clinical 3.0 are works in progress that are already running on the JMP 10 platform (also currently under development), and some new features are already in functional testing. Although we have quite a list of feature requests from users, we are always glad to hear additional suggestions for what you’d like to see in JMP Genomics in the future. Please feel free to email them to us at genomics@jmp.com.

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